Von das EcoDiesel™ System


EcoDiesel System™  is the best solution to the extant vehicle fleet in one step. With this solution our clients can configure an eco-friendly vehicle fleet so that besides they can have significant savings in fuel and money also without any investment costs.


EcoDiesel System™  is a revolutionary electronically controlled Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas (CNG) Diesel blending system that will substantially reduce the operating costs of any diesel engine and also reduce carbon. Compatible with both turbo and non-turbo engines..

Main Components

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit): An intelligent electronic control unit sensing engine performance and variable loads while controlling LPG injection.
  • LPG/CNG tank: Individually tailored to the needs of each vehicle.
  • Venturi adapter: Draws liquid LPG, unlike pressure sensitive vapor draw systems.
  • Gas reductor (carbureter): reducing of pressure, changing of aggregate from gasiform to liquid
  • LPG/CNG injector system: Controls the LPG flow into the air intake of the engine.

How Does The EcoDiesel System™   Work?

Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas (CNG) is injected into the air intake system through the gas reductor and venturi adapter, at a predetermined engine and vehicle specific rate programmed into our microprocessor (ECU).

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) based on the rates from the vehicle load sensors and the engine sensors injects LPG/CNG the most optimally way through the air intake system to the engine always according to the current status.




  • buses
  • trucks
  • trailer trucks
  • shipping railway transport



  • agricultural and forestry machinery
  • mining machinery
  • working machinery

Features of EcoDiesel System™


  • The system works side by side the original system (it is secondary structure without stripping of the original system)
  • The system totally adopts the operation of the original system (decel mode, tempomat etc.)
  • Simple operation – minimal failure possibility
  • Reliable – the original well-known technology has 40 years past
  • impact-resistant, anti-vibration and waterproof


  • The ECU is always in control of the stand-alone system and will shut down the system and signal the driver if any problem with the engine is detected. Of course the vehicle can pass on in diesel mode.
  •  Furthermore, the system has received E7 EU certification for both LPG and CNG.
  • A vehicle used with CNG or LPG is safe as much as vehicles operating with diesel or petrol. The most strong part of a correctly modified vehicle is the gas tank which is so strong that it would be still whole even if the other parts of the vehicle are perished in a impact or fire. It is made of steel or steel and plastic enhanced with carbon fiber so it has to endure the multiple of gas pressure. In the case of fire the five functioned safety-valve lets out the gas in a short time and burns it.

Features  and Benefits of EcoDiesel System™ – Saving factors

Features of EcoDiesel System™

  • The calorific value of LPG is 30% higher than diesel oil’s.
  • The price of LPG generally 40-45% less than price of diesel oil. Based on the laws of the EU the upper limit of the rate of excise duty of LPG is guaranteed for 10 years, and there is no excise duty for CNG until 2018.
  • Harmful substances emissions reduces 50-75% (CO, CO2, NOX (carbon) emission, PM

Benifits of EcoDiesel System™ – Saving factors


  • the torque and power of the engine increases 10-20% compared with diesel engines
  • rate of fuel-utilization and combustion efficiency increases 20%
  • the fuel consumption significantly reduces
  • Prominently environmentally friendly
  • Gentle with the engine, reduces engine oil dilution and contamination
  • Reduces of harmful combustion chamber deposits
  • Increase the engine and exhaust lifetime therethrough increases time between service intervals
  • Thanks to EcoDiesel System™ the engines working with LPG can be operated more cheaper than diesel engines
  • LPG can be liquified at low (6 bar) pressure so it’s benifit that it can be stored at small place. Thanks to this fuel mileage and effective range increases cca. 30%
  • Thermodynamic efficiency increases– utilize more fuel: Diesel engines can utilize 75% of the fuel. In relation to this the rate of fuel-utilization significantly increases by EcoDiesel System with the added LPG so the burning efficiency can even tower above 95%.


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